Autumn is my first choice..
                                              she's a clever little witch..

 Carefully detailed illustrations are the highlight..



if you don't like actually reading comics you can click here for a fun flash animated show that includes all of lenore's comic strips..

easy peasy!



Lenore is my favorite spacey little goth dead girl.. 
she's really fun!!


   Neither one plays well with  
           other children..
   for adult children only..       


                                Autumn & Lenore are both available at the 

                                 Slave Labor Graphics website:

                  'playing jump-rope'


   Roman Dirge also does

 The Cat with the Really Big Head & 

The Monsters in my Tummy.. both good..

& Something at the Window is Scratching!



   Emily Strange never fails to deliver a good goth comic.. and they usually come with cool free stickers!!
               you might enjoy also

             Nightmares & Fairytales..

   and of course i am partial to this fellow.. in his vintage 3D comics or the new ones just out..
    along those same lines i recommend Felix and Disney's Haunted Mansion..

    completely on the other end of the spectrum..
    if your comic sensibilities allow for sadism and a little pornography.. here ya go!!



    the bad art collection is a classic!


    at the far far end of that spectrum is the innocent looking Stitch & Skelebunnies...
    do not be fooled! these are definitely not for the faint of heart..



     to be continued...